Our Purpose

  • To establish, develop and maintain the highest possible standard for ethical conduct and proficiency for our members.
  • To encourage the highest education level whereby our members may serve the public in a manner that most nearly relates to their needs
  • To provide a social environment whereby the members may develop a growing relationship with each other.
  • To provide services and information to our members whereby common problems and difficulties may be encountered and overcome.

Our Service

Nationaly Undertakers Association of South Africa-NUASA strives to conduct its affairs in a professional, caring and responsive manner to all members and consumers.

Provincial Structures

We have presence in six (6) provinces: Northern Cape, Gauteng, Eastern Cape, Free State, Western Cape, and North West.

Contact Details

Tel:  011 000 0000

Email: admin@nuasanational.org.za

Address: 33 Ballyclare Drive,



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